Best Catholic Gift – St. Christopher Chains

We often are asked what is the best Catholic present to give as a gift and our easy answer is  a Saint Christopher themed gift! St Christopher is the Patron Saint associated to travel in the Catholic religion and he is one of the most popular and well-known saints. Hence the reason Saint Christopher is one of the most popular selling Catholic Patron Saints.

Whether if be a car visor or key chain, a St Christopher Medal. or even a prayer card with on it, you can be assured that any Catholic will be thrilled to be the recipient of that gift. I know that I personally received a Saint Christopher pendant when I was a little child after making my First Communion and I was absolutely thrilled with it. I wore the necklace all the time and only put it away in a desk drawer after I began to sprout in my teenage years.

Watch this video a student created Regarding Saint Christopher it will give you more insight to this iconic Saint

Many years after moving out and spreading my wings as an adult, I noticed my Mother still had kept the necklace and had it stored in her jewelry box. Funny how she kept it all those years especially since it was not Sterling Silver and I believe more like pewter or some other similar metal.

I vividly remember bringing in  down to her and asking why she held onto it for so long and she stated, “it’s St Christopher, I can’t throw him away.”Well, hopefully, after reading this story you now get the sense of how revered Saint Christopher is amongst Catholics.

So if you need to buy some sort of Catholic present for say a Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation or whatever, know that there is a gift available for all ages and budgets. As an example, I recently purchased a Sterling Silver or SS as it is referred to for myself. It was a big oval St Christopher medal with a 20-inch matching chain with a clasp.

Really beautiful and something I will keep for years. It was rather expensive and a price I did not mind paying as again it was for myself and something I will be keeping for years. Say if you were going to be buying it for a younger child you could buy on for approximately twenty dollars or so. The point being here is that there are all sorts of different price points.

We hope this post helps answer one of the most common questions we get asked regarding what is a good Catholic gift to give as a present! Thanks for reading and please keep the questions coming as they give us good topics to respond to.

Jewelry Buying Guide – Making Your Gifts More Special

If you are like most people you like or love jewelry. Jewelry is a great way to show your personality and a fantastic way to express yourself. With this article is our hope to give you some good tips for buying jewelry and related items.

cross for gift
What is better gold or silver for jewelry?
Well, that is a question that is asked a lot by folks looking to get someone a gift for themselves or for someone special. And, that is really tough as there are a bunch of factors that play into the decision. Take a look below for things that will determine whether you should buy gold or Sterling silver jewelry.
Things To Consider:

  • Your Budget
  • The Personality Of The Person (If not for yourself)
  • Taste Of The Person
  • Type Of Gemstones They Might Like
  • Their Birth Month

The list above is just a small sampling of the type questions you should ponder when buying a gift, obviously if it is for someone else.
Doing so will make the jewelry or gift for that matter more unique and personal for the receiver of the gift. It will make them really feel special and they will think that you really spent a considerable amount of time, thought and effort picking out the gift.
You really don’t want to be showing up with a present that looks as if you just went to any old jewelry store and picked up whatever was on the managers “Daily Special” rack.
Let me expound on that and give you an example of how to select a really nice gift for someone.
Say for a moment you have a friend who is Catholic. You know they are really devoted to their Roman Catholic Religion. They have a birthday, or maybe are celebrating a Baptism of a child.

Whatever the situation, it would probably mean a lot to them if you bought them some kind of Catholic products as a gift. For the man or women’s birthday you could purchase them a Sterling Silver Crucifix or a Catholic Cross.

Or perhaps it is a Baptism gift you want to purchase for their newly born child. You might want to purchase them a baby baptism gift say as a Catholic Baby Crib medal that you can personalize.
We hope you are starting to see how you can tailor the gifts you give to family, friends and the like to really make the person receiving the gift feel as if you really spent a lot of time, effort and thought into them.

Start Doing This Now For Great Jewelry Gift Giving
Start planning and putting a little more thought into your gift buying and you will find people really treasure the gifts you give them.

By the way if you have gold or silver jewelry laying around you want to clean up try watching this video for some really good jewelry cleaning tips to get that bling bling popping!

Baptism By The Pool

We attended a Catholic Baptism recently for a friends child at their home in Bonita, California last week and it was really a beautiful ceremony. And it was especially nice because it was a really hot day and the religious event for their young child was held right by their lovely looking swimming pool. baptism by the pool

The landscaping was manicured to perfection and the pool had the absolutely clearest, bluest water I’ve ever seen. Seeing the pool water looking as good as it did made me want to get a pool for my own yard.

But having a friend whom also owns a pool reminded me of the reasons why I am apprehensive about getting one. First, the pool upkeep is a lot of work and not something I want to be doing after working fifty or sixty hours or more at my regular job. My friend tells me mainlining a pool is a ton of work and he has said that if he had to do it all over a again he would have serious reservation about it.

Having mentioned about how beautiful the Baptismal ceremony was and commenting on how awesome the pool looked to the host, they informed me that it is much easier to maintain the pool if you have a pool expert to take care of it for you.

They both mentioned how they find it much easier and affordable to just hire a professional Bonita pool cleaning company in Bonita to maintain the swimming pool; that way they get to enjoy the pool while not having to maintain the pool themselves and become resentful of it!

It was really a beautiful day at their home as we sent the afternoon lounging and relaxing by the hosts pool celebrating the baptism of their youngest child. The child that was baptized received lots of nice jewelry he really liked the silver rosary we bought for him.

On the way home my wife and I spoke about how nice it was to celebrate the baptism at their home by the pool. And we discussed how nice it would be to have a pool ourselves! She brought up my past reservations about the pool upkeep and I mentioned how inexpensive the pool cleaning service and maintenance was.

She couldn’t believe how inexpensive the pool maintenance was either so since we both thoroughly enjoy the day by the pool maybe it is time to reconsider whether or not would should start looking into buying a pool.!!!

For those of you that do not know how a baptism in a swimming pool works then simply check out the video below:




Catholic Necklaces

Great Catholic Gift Ideas

Some folks often wonder about what to get family members and friends for gifts? Well do not feel bad as that is often the case with most people when it comes to buying a gift for others. They simply do not know what to get children, young adults and even adults for a present. If they are Catholics then one solution would be to consider a religious related gift.

Specifically a Catholic gift. There are a lot of Catholic gifts you could possibly give one as a a present. One of my favorites is a St. Anthony medal I got as a gift from my parents when I was a senior in high school.

I’m in my forties now however I still wear that necklace on a daily basis as it is one of my most treasured pieces of jewelry! Mostly because of the sentimental value it holds as again it was give to me by my parents whom are not longer alive. With that being said, I really like the metal with all of its detailed engraving and also because Saint Anthony is one of my favorite Patron Saints.

Pope John Paul II

Catholic Gifts

Now that it has been announced that Pope John Paul II has been a named a saint and is awaiting canonization on April 27 I think I will be getting a Saint John Paul Medal to go along with my Saint Anthony medal.

Pope John Paul was Pope pretty much for most my life and I think it is only fitting that I honor that great Pope with a medal so that I memorialize his life and he is worn daily by me right near to my heart.


Types of Pearls

Pearl-friendly Occasions

Pearls often make great birthday gifts for people born in June as the pearl is the designated gemstone for this summer month. You might also give a pearl necklace or bracelet to a friend celebrating a 30th wedding anniversary – the traditional choice for the occasion. Pearls are also ideal selections to wear at weddings, whether they are worn by the bride or the guests.

mother of pearls

Pearl Bracelet

How a Pearl Forms

A pearl is developed inside the shell of mollusk – namely a mussel or oyster, with the majority of gems farmed or cultured for use. In lower quality jewelry pieces, imitation pearls are frequently featured in the design. Because of the cultured pearl’s beautiful lustrous finish, it is frequently used in a variety of fine jewelry fashions and designs.

High-quality Adornments

The degree and height of a pearl’s luster is impacted by the refraction, diffraction and reflection of light. Pearls, categorized as nacreous, are considered high-quality adornments, having mirror-like shine and a certain amount of iridescence.

Freshwater Type Pearls

There are various types of pearls. Freshwater pearls are cultured by using freshwater mussels, with China leading the way in the production of the gem.

Tahitian Pearls

Another type of pearl, known as the Tahitian pearl, comes from the black lip oyster. The pearl forms a beautiful spectrum of color, with overtones and undertones of silver, gold, pink, and/or  blue. The pearls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including button, oval, semi-round, teardrop, and Baroque.

Black Pearl Necklace

Black Pearl Necklace

The Beautiful Akoya Pearl

Still another kind of pearl is the Akoya, which originally originated in Japan, and comes from the Akoya oyster. Any of the pearls that are bigger than 10 mm in are rare and high-priced gems. A hybrid mollusk is used in producing the pearl these days, which is exported from both China and Japan.

Jewelry That Glistens Everywhere

The Reward That Glistens In Each individual Land

Three thousand several years in the past, when the chief of one particular tribal group selected to go to a second tribal chief, he brought with him a lot of presents. Between individuals presents, he invariably provided some big and shiny parts of jewelry.

That jewellery was without doubt made out of gold. It may well have involved bracelets, rings, chains and even a charming, gold jewel scenario. That long-accepted reward, the reward of jewellery, has identified favor with lots of generations, and it has come to be a preferred reward in international locations all in excess of the globe.

Often the reward of jewellery has been offered only to individuals who were viewed as deserving recipients. For example, a Female Scout or Boy Scout pin would be given to a younger human being who had demonstrated the characteristics of a Scout. Likewise, the substantial ring worn by American armed service staff symbolizes the willingness of those people adult males (and ladies) to sacrifice for the citizens of their homeland.

Tourists usually obtain jewelry to give to beloved kinds back again home. Jewelry ordinarily does an outstanding jo

of “speaking” for the area of the entire world in which it was designed. A traveler to Rome could possibly want to obtain a cameo, a well-known jewelry piece in Italy. A traveler to Santa Fe, New Mexico might spend a superior little bit of time seeking at that area’s Indian jewellery.

The Native Individuals of New Mexico make lots of colourful bracelets and a huge quantity of necklaces. Some Indian stores also sell earrings. Acquiring a pin among the the several displays of Indian jewellery can be a problem. Just one lady who responded to that problem did discover what she desired. She bought a attractive turquoise and pink pin at a shop shut to the Grand Canyon.

Perhaps a real appreciation for the international charm of jewelry calls for an acquaintance with a world faith. For instance, Catholicism is practiced in many different nations around the world, and most Catholics take pleasure in providing jewelry to mates and loved ones. Jewelry frequently will come inside the items that are presented at weddings or at the time of a baptism.

Occasionally an toddler wears earrings at the time of a baptism. A good numb

er of Hispanic females approach for their infant daughters to have their ears pierced. They anticipate these ladies to make a habit of carrying earrings. Curiously, the Hispanic women are not the only types who have that hope. Numerous new mothers in the Center East make very similar strategies, relating to the use of pierced earrings by their young daughters.

Nonetheless Catholicism and Islam are not the only two world religions that underline the worth of jewelry. Just walk into any Baha’i “bookstore.” There you will discover lots of distinct items of jewelry. All of them—rings, necklaces, pins and bracelets—have on them a Baha’i symbol. All of those people parts of jewelry have come to be preferred present things.

A short while ago a young, male Baha’i in Los Angeles preferred to give himself a gold chain from the community Baha’i bookstore. He preferred to acquaint his shoppers with his family’s potent ties to the Faith. That wish produced after that same youthful guy had frequented the household of an elderly man, a gentleman who had recognized the grandfather of that young grownup.

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