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Best Catholic Gift – St. Christopher Chains

We often are asked what is the best Catholic present to give as a gift and our easy answer is  a Saint Christopher themed gift! St Christopher is the Patron Saint associated to travel in the Catholic religion and he is one of the most popular and well-known saints. Hence the reason Saint Christopher is one of the most popular selling Catholic Patron Saints.

Whether if be a car visor or key chain, a St Christopher Medal. or even a prayer card with on it, you can be assured that any Catholic will be thrilled to be the recipient of that gift. I know that I personally received a Saint Christopher pendant when I was a little child after making my First Communion and I was absolutely thrilled with it. I wore the necklace all the time and only put it away in a desk drawer after I began to sprout in my teenage years.

Watch this video a student created Regarding Saint Christopher it will give you more insight to this iconic Saint

Many years after moving out and spreading my wings as an adult, I noticed my Mother still had kept the necklace and had it stored in her jewelry box. Funny how she kept it all those years especially since it was not Sterling Silver and I believe more like pewter or some other similar metal.

I vividly remember bringing in  down to her and asking why she held onto it for so long and she stated, “it’s St Christopher, I can’t throw him away.”Well, hopefully, after reading this story you now get the sense of how revered Saint Christopher is amongst Catholics.

So if you need to buy some sort of Catholic present for say a Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation or whatever, know that there is a gift available for all ages and budgets. As an example, I recently purchased a Sterling Silver or SS as it is referred to for myself. It was a big oval St Christopher medal with a 20-inch matching chain with a clasp.

Really beautiful and something I will keep for years. It was rather expensive and a price I did not mind paying as again it was for myself and something I will be keeping for years. Say if you were going to be buying it for a younger child you could buy on for approximately twenty dollars or so. The point being here is that there are all sorts of different price points.

We hope this post helps answer one of the most common questions we get asked regarding what is a good Catholic gift to give as a present! Thanks for reading and please keep the questions coming as they give us good topics to respond to.