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Catholic Necklaces

Great Catholic Gift Ideas

Some folks often wonder about what to get family members and friends for gifts? Well do not feel bad as that is often the case with most people when it comes to buying a gift for others. They simply do not know what to get children, young adults and even adults for a present. If they are Catholics then one solution would be to consider a religious related gift.

Specifically a Catholic gift. There are a lot of Catholic gifts you could possibly give one as a a present. One of my favorites is a St. Anthony medal I got as a gift from my parents when I was a senior in high school.

I’m in my forties now however I still wear that necklace on a daily basis as it is one of my most treasured pieces of jewelry! Mostly because of the sentimental value it holds as again it was give to me by my parents whom are not longer alive. With that being said, I really like the metal with all of its detailed engraving and also because Saint Anthony is one of my favorite Patron Saints.

Pope John Paul II

Catholic Gifts

Now that it has been announced that Pope John Paul II has been a named a saint and is awaiting canonization on April 27 I think I will be getting a Saint John Paul Medal to go along with my Saint Anthony medal.

Pope John Paul was Pope pretty much for most my life and I think it is only fitting that I honor that great Pope with a medal so that I memorialize his life and he is worn daily by me right near to my heart.