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Baptism By The Pool

We attended a Catholic Baptism recently for a friends child at their home in Bonita, California last week and it was really a beautiful ceremony. And it was especially nice because it was a really hot day and the religious event for their young child was held right by their lovely looking swimming pool. baptism by the pool

The landscaping was manicured to perfection and the pool had the absolutely clearest, bluest water I’ve ever seen. Seeing the pool water looking as good as it did made me want to get a pool for my own yard.

But having a friend whom also owns a pool reminded me of the reasons why I am apprehensive about getting one. First, the pool upkeep is a lot of work and not something I want to be doing after working fifty or sixty hours or more at my regular job. My friend tells me mainlining a pool is a ton of work and he has said that if he had to do it all over a again he would have serious reservation about it.

Having mentioned about how beautiful the Baptismal ceremony was and commenting on how awesome the pool looked to the host, they informed me that it is much easier to maintain the pool if you have a pool expert to take care of it for you.

They both mentioned how they find it much easier and affordable to just hire a professional Bonita pool cleaning company in Bonita to maintain the swimming pool; that way they get to enjoy the pool while not having to maintain the pool themselves and become resentful of it!

It was really a beautiful day at their home as we sent the afternoon lounging and relaxing by the hosts pool celebrating the baptism of their youngest child. The child that was baptized received lots of nice jewelry he really liked the silver rosary we bought for him.

On the way home my wife and I spoke about how nice it was to celebrate the baptism at their home by the pool. And we discussed how nice it would be to have a pool ourselves! She brought up my past reservations about the pool upkeep and I mentioned how inexpensive the pool cleaning service and maintenance was.

She couldn’t believe how inexpensive the pool maintenance was either so since we both thoroughly enjoy the day by the pool maybe it is time to reconsider whether or not would should start looking into buying a pool.!!!

For those of you that do not know how a baptism in a swimming pool works then simply check out the video below: