Types of Pearls

Pearl-friendly Occasions

Pearls often make great birthday gifts for people born in June as the pearl is the designated gemstone for this summer month. You might also give a pearl necklace or bracelet to a friend celebrating a 30th wedding anniversary – the traditional choice for the occasion. Pearls are also ideal selections to wear at weddings, whether they are worn by the bride or the guests.

mother of pearls

Pearl Bracelet

How a Pearl Forms

A pearl is developed inside the shell of mollusk – namely a mussel or oyster, with the majority of gems farmed or cultured for use. In lower quality jewelry pieces, imitation pearls are frequently featured in the design. Because of the cultured pearl’s beautiful lustrous finish, it is frequently used in a variety of fine jewelry fashions and designs.

High-quality Adornments

The degree and height of a pearl’s luster is impacted by the refraction, diffraction and reflection of light. Pearls, categorized as nacreous, are considered high-quality adornments, having mirror-like shine and a certain amount of iridescence.

Freshwater Type Pearls

There are various types of pearls. Freshwater pearls are cultured by using freshwater mussels, with China leading the way in the production of the gem.

Tahitian Pearls

Another type of pearl, known as the Tahitian pearl, comes from the black lip oyster. The pearl forms a beautiful spectrum of color, with overtones and undertones of silver, gold, pink, and/or  blue. The pearls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including button, oval, semi-round, teardrop, and Baroque.

Black Pearl Necklace

Black Pearl Necklace

The Beautiful Akoya Pearl

Still another kind of pearl is the Akoya, which originally originated in Japan, and comes from the Akoya oyster. Any of the pearls that are bigger than 10 mm in are rare and high-priced gems. A hybrid mollusk is used in producing the pearl these days, which is exported from both China and Japan.

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